Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jellyfish Essentials: Dinosaur Jr , Farm - 9.5

Dinosaur Jr, relevant in todays music world? Who would have thought of such a notion? Well they have returned with a vengeance. Over 25 years in the music business is an achievment just by itself (granted they did suffer a break up of the band between 1997 and 2005). But to be still improving, is incredible. Even by itself, without even considering the lengthy history of the group that created it, Farm has the makings of a true classic. Jammed pack with all the guitar riffs you could ever want, blended with the rough melodious vocals of J. Mascis it is really a delight to listen to.

Farm begins with an exclamation point. "Pieces" is the same Dinosaur Jr that we all know and love. From the loud guitar solo that starts one second in, to fuzzy lyrics that bring on a sense of nostalgia, its a very solid starter, to say the least. Other excellent songs come in the middle, like "Plans", which build upon the already established quality of the record. Further songs such as "See you" and "Said the People" take a break from the loudness that is considered the musical norm for Dinosaur Jr , and provide a good break between guitar heavy songs.

Through the years the group has seen the comings, and goings of their three original members, but as this compilation shows, they are at their best when they are the authentic Dinosaur Jr. Their sound is a unique and exquisite. Their hard rocking is supplemented by a noise that sounds surprisingly very passive, without a need to attack your ears with unwanted and unnecessary pandemonium. In fact this signature sound of we-rock-but-we-don't-try-hard, really enhances the listening experience. This record has left me in wait of hopefully more to come from this unstoppable musical trio, and I think it will for you too.

- A.W.

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