Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jellyfish Guest Writer: OneRepublic, Waking Up - 8.3

After hitting the scenes with their debut album, Dreaming Out Loud, OneRepublic's sophomore album, Waking Up, had a lot to live up to. Indeed, Dreaming Out Loud had gone gold and nearly reached Platinum. Needless to say, the band wasn't sure how Waking up would be received. Their worries were appropriate, for while the record never hit the same status as Dreaming, it ended up hitting as high as 21 on the Billboarad 200, and has sold of 200,00 copies in the U.S. As for me, I had never been a big OneRepublic fan before this album. Being introduced to a select few singles, such as the hit "Apologize" and the song "Stop and Stare", I hadn't heard a lot of their songs. Even as this album was being release I never thought about it, but luckily a friend came to the rescue, encouraging me to listen to "All the Right Moves" and "Everybody Loves Me". I was immediatly hooked. This band's self described title of "genreless" was true. Listening to the whole album I heard songs that could have been labeled as rock, pop, even classical.

This album does have its faults, but not many. I was overjoyed while listening to the end of the album, realizing it didn't suffer the fate that so many other records do. In too many promising albums I have seen a strong start, only to have the album fade fast and have the last songs seem lik no effort at all. Fortunately, while I saw traces of this over the whole collection of songs as a whole was solid.
This album starts strong with songs such as "Made For You" and "All The Right Moves". It continues fantastically with the song my personal favorite, "Good Life". The album then finishes strong with the inspirational "Marching On" and appropriate last song "Lullaby". For anyone wishing to buy a new album that isn't represented by strict genre lines, this all-over-the-place album might be for you. It certainly worked for me

-Vlad Harrison

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